Wish you could work from home, but you’re tired of sifting through all of the “opportunities” for at-home businesses?


In 2010, my husband was in law school full time, and money was TIGHT. It was my turn to be the primary breadwinner, but we had a problem. Our son was 18 months old, and daycare cost just about as much as I’d be earning (not to mention the fact that he was growing wayyy too fast).

I knew I wanted/needed to work from home.

But I was stuck.

I had years of education + work experience under my belt, yet it seemed like every work-at-home job required me to either:

1) sell products to my friends (for very little return), or

2) commit to working specific hours each day with no background noise, doing work that didn’t excite or challenge me.


Neither of those sounded ideal for my life as a mom and my desire to progress in my career.


But I KNEW there HAD to be other options out there for me.


That’s when a friend introduced me to the Virtual Assistant industry.


She guided me through getting started and pointed me toward some valuable resources, and I took a leap of faith. Within a few months, my client schedule was 100% booked, and I had a very successful Virtual Assistant business.


Over the past 5 years, my business has supported our family through the birth of our twins, my husband’s grad school, and multiple moves.


I’m able to contribute to our family’s financial well-being, while getting to live my dream of being home with our children. It has been a major blessing.


I have my own clients. I am my own boss. And I don’t have to worry about a down-line. Or daycare.

…Or wearing shoes. :)



VIRTUAL ASSISTANT is a fancy (and high-tech-sounding) term for Freelance Assistant.


As a Virtual Assistant, I’m an independent contractor who works remotely (not in the same office) and helps small business owners with their administrative, marketing, and operational needs.


Tasks vary from administration and scheduling, to research, to creative stuff like graphic design and social media marketing.


There is no “special college degree” or official training to become a virtual assistant.


In other words:

if I can do it, you can do it.

You can work for yourself. With YOUR skills & experience. On YOUR terms.*

I'll show you how.

*No parties required.




I recorded a Q&A video call to answer all of the most common questions I’ve received.

Working from home has been a major blessing in my life.

It’s time for me to pay it forward and share it with you.